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    July 7, 2020 · agm,Investor Relations,private equity,digital events,hybrid events
    How are you preparing your next AGM or LPAC meetings in H2 2020? Virtual, Physical or Hybrid? As the world is slowly re-opening, the challenge is to stand out in the over flooded digital events world and bring the right balance of face-to-face touch points.   Insights and tips in our latest...
    February 20, 2019 · Buy side,Investor Relations,Governance,ESG,Roadshows
    What are governance roadshows? Governance roadshows represent a fast-evolving trend in Investor Relations (IR). More and more institutional investors are focusing on the “governance” aspect of their assets. This has led to increased instances of proxy votes over key issues of governance,...
    October 15, 2018 · Passive Investing,Investor Relations,Finance,Governance,IR
    THE RISE OF PASSIVE INVESTING   What is passive investing? When most people think of investing, they picture the Wall Street or the City portfolio manager who is continuously engaged in a process of ongoing buying and selling of shares, always tracking the ups and downs of the market – Active...
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